Commercial roofing


Commercial roofing materials have become very popular through the years due to their great features. Commercial roofing can offer you a great appearance, a good investment and great durability and strength. We know that you Houston roofing needs to be protected, and we are offering you the best service and quality. If you’re in the process of planning the replacement of your old roofing system, here are the most popular types of commercial roofing systems to consider: Thermoplastic Roofing, Photovoltaic Solar Panel, EPDM Roofing, Green Roofs and much more. To find out which is the best option for you, contact us for further help.


We offer our clients only the best services. The services consist of rainwater, structural and thermal calculations before the installation of the commercial roofing start.


We install commercial roofing, rain screen and cladding systems all over the Houston Area. Our staff is professional who can install a wide range of commercial roofing products.


Tom Love Roofing offers comprehensive and costs effective maintenance services. The maintenance is made by experienced and highly skilled Tome Love professionals.


We know that the roofing replacement can be a very stressful process, but we will help you through the whole process. We know that the work needs to be done quickly, and we pay attention to detail and quality. Tom Love Roofing works with Home Owner’s Association guidelines and your insurance company, using two decades of knowledge to install a roofing that will protect your family for many years to come. Our goal is to do our best. It doesn’t matter which roofing services you need, we have it all covered, from the inspections to the repairs and roofing replacements. Our goal is always to provide the exceptional customer service, best quality work that our customers expect. Tom Love Roofing is always improving their commercial roofing services in Houston TX area.