Tom Love for Texas
U.S. House District 24

My name is Tom Love and I am announcing my candidacy for U.S. House Texas District 24. I speak today as a working man who loves his country and loves his God, who asks for your help as I know this will be a long difficult journey, and I am under no illusion that I can take this path alone. I am a concerned parent, husband, and grandfather who has seen the American Dream slowly turning into the American Nightmare. I am a working man and speak for all the hard working men and women of Texas, who try to earn a living, educate their children, and keep their jobs in an era of outsourcing and $3 per gallon gasoline.

We have become a nation that for too long has ignored its working peoples needs and rewarded powerful special interests that now threaten homeowners and Texans who pay their taxes while multimillionaires get special tax breaks. We cannot become a nation that builds bridges to nowhere, yet constructs no pathway to our children's future.

Over forty years ago John Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Now the Republicans say, “It’s not my problem, what’s in it for me, and I’ve got mine, you go get yours.” The result has been a Culture of Corruption, a Crisis of Competence, and a Climate of Cronyism. I speak for the nurses, teachers, the electricians, truck drivers, mechanics, factory workers, office workers and all Texans who are not the tool of the rich and powerful.

I speak as a Democrat as we are the party of the past, present and future. We are the party of the Quality of Life and all variations of people seeking truth, justice, and the American Way. We are the party of the working men and women and of businessmen committed to fair practices and trade to help make America grow and prosper. We are the party of educators and the educated. We are the party for good solid public education for all our children and we will never leave anyone behind.

We are the party of the Founders of America. We have never claimed to be perfect but only to strive for a more perfect Union. We believe we are Endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights of life, liberty, and freedom of and from religion. We are the party of law and trial by jury and innocent till proven guilty, not guilty till proven innocent. We are the party of the rights of the accused and the rights of the victims. We are the party of the Statue of Liberty and the Symbol of Justice.

We are the party of the 40 hour work week, of Child Labors Laws, overtime pay, of Labor Unions, Rights of women, of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. We are the party of the uplifted and the downtrodden. Our strength is our diversity for we know and remember our roots while preparing for our future. We are the party with our hearts in the Past but with our eyes on the Future. We have died to give Americans Liberty, now we request your help to keep Americans Free.

We need Americans to register to vote and vote for America. Vote to end the politics of division, lies and deceit. Vote to end the politics of disrespect and humiliation. Vote for clean air and the right to breathe free. Vote for the right to have affordable and available heath care for a better and healthier America. Give us your vote and we will pledge to Serve, Protect, and Defend our Great Land.

And if you give us your vote, my heart will be your heart, my hand will be your hand, my voice will be your voice, and your dream will be our reality. I speak today as a working man who loves his country and loves his God, who asks for your vote, requests your help, and thanks you for listening.

Please visit my presentation to find out more about my political program and its main goals. Presentation materials prepared using advanced software.

Thomas P. Love

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