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With over 20 years of experience in residential, roofing repair and commercial roofing, you can be assured your Houston roof is in good hands. Our experienced roof team is combined of skilled contractors and roofers who are knowledgeable in the latest roofing technologies. Our goal is to deliver exceptional roofing services to our fellow people in greater Houston area.

Tom Love Roofing works with Home Owner’s Association guidelines and your insurance company, using two  decades of knowledge to install a roof that will protect your family for many years to come.

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Our goal at Tom Love Roofing is to make sure that every homeowner gets the best roofing system or roof repair possible.

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Roofing replacement

The convenience and safety of your household is important, so having a secure and dependable roofing system is necessary. Tom Love Roofing excels in fixing, installing and keeping property roofing systems along with working with your insurer to obtain the best roofing for you.

Roof Repair work

If you’re not ready for a full brand-new roofing setup, no concerns thanks to Queen Roofing’s exclusive “No-Worries Roof Repair Rebate ™” Program. We’ll fix leakages and any damage your roofing system has actually sustained due to weather and age in order for your household to feel confident that they’re safeguarded.

Residential Roof

We at Tom Love Roofing know that you home is most likely your most significant investment and that you have actually put a lot of work into it. What much better way to show that you look after your home than to care for your roofing system? The roofs are the very first component of residences that safeguards them from sun, rain, snow, ice, hail and winds. All of those aspects can take a toll on your roof and damage it over time. If it comes to that, you can rely on your Houston, Texas roofer to take care of it the way it has to be done. Building and construction of residential roofs is our specialized.

Commercial Roofing

Your organization is your life and safeguarding it from the rain, storms, extreme heat – any weather condition concern is crucial. Even enhancing your store with custom-made roof can help bring you more company. Tom Love Roofing is experienced and qualified group of roofing professionals can offer your business exactly what it needs and within your budget. Whether you desire a brand-new roofing installation or require roofing system repair work, our team can provide you with premium grade roof products and top-notch service for your commercial properties.


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Houston and renewable energy

Full of diversity and rich of energy, Houston is a great mix of talent, imagination and full of top of the class attractions that make it a great city to visit. Houston is full of beautiful surroundings for you to see and home to diverse booming economy. It is home to people with good vibes and optimism and no wonder Houston is such a popular tourist attraction. Houston has more than four hundred events each year, including outstanding and incredible visual and preforming art venues and events. Also when there try one of Houston’s many restaurants covering cuisine from all regions of the Earth like Tex Mex, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern or South American. Houston is also home to local teams in all major sports like football, soccer, NBA and MLB. But major thing that separates Houston from the rest of the US is its diversity, Houston is the most diverse city in the US, becoming home to many different cultural events, exhibits and institutions. No wonder that more than 7 million visitors visit Houston each year.

To help you understand how big Houston actually is, on its own it would be among the 30 largest economies in the world. We hope that saying all these facts helped you understand how big and different Houston actually is, and how important it is to the US. Through its economic growth city is developing each day and new styles are being adapted every day. According to Victor one the most prominent roofing contractors in Houston TX, one of them is solar roofing, Houston is one the most important energy city in the US, and utilizing renewable sources will help retain that title.


In the last couple of years, the installation of the solar panels has extremely increased. Solar panels are producing the energy and reduce your energy costs. Further, you will find many pieces of information about the solar panels, their cost, and features. Solar panels have become very popular with time and are a great choice for the homeowners who are environment conscious. Solar panels come in many shapes and sizes, so the best is to contact a professional for further help.


There are certain materials that can produce electricity from the light that falls on them. This effect is called the photovoltaic effect. This effect allows the system to convert the sunlight into the electrical energy. You can use this energy right away in your home, or you can storage it in a battery. Solar panels are very effective when installed on the north side, pointed directly at the sun. You should avoid any shading or blocking of the trees.



They are typically black and have a higher efficiency than the multi-crystalline and polycrystalline models. This solar model does not have a clear advantage because solar panels are a complex of many solar components and features. The overall performance depends on other features, not just of the type cell.


This is a variant of the standard solar cell. These cells can achieve a higher level of efficiency if the rear of the cell is installed from behind. This way there aren’t contacts between the strips that are preventing the sunlight from getting to the surface of the cell.


These cells are made from photovoltaic materials on a base of metal or glass. These cells are more flexible that the regular ones, but are also less efficient.


The higher the efficiency is, the more power you get from a given roofing area. Higher efficiency solar panels can be expensive, so if you have a larger roofing, you can buy many cheaper panels, and you will get the same results. For the best results, do not put the solar panels on the direct sun, because UV rays can damage them and they can become less efficient. Sometimes, the best results come on a mild day, and not on a hot day. Some of the available panels have properties of better temperature tolerance than the other ones, so be careful when choosing a solar panel for the hot climates. Proper installation is also very important, so always contact a licensed professional whom you can trust to.


The warranties range up from 20 – 25 years. Solar systems last about 25 years with the proper maintenance. The warranty for the solar panels depends on the manufacturer and the hired professional.


The cost will depend on many features, including the size of the system and the quality of the components. The average cost of a fully installed 2.0kW system is about $4400. Larger systems can cost you more, from $8243 and higher.

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Your Houston home’s roofing system is among the most integral parts to securing your house from the outdoors elements and keeping your family safe and warm. So it is very important, to discover a top Houston roofer you can depend fix or replace your roofing system.

The Better Business Bureau encourages homeowners take the following precautions when looking for a roofing contractor:

1. If you do not already have a trusted roof business like Tom Love Roofing, get quotes from numerous other business and make certain the specs of each bid are identical. Ask the specialist to quote you for weight per square for composition shingles as this will make it possible for the property owner to judge the quality of the products
the heavier the weight per square, the higher the quality.
2. Ask for a business card and the house headquarters place of the roof business.
3. Get a BBB Company Evaluation on the roofing contractor quickly by giving them a quick look up online at www.bbb.org. You can browse by company name, contact number or address. To obtain a whole list, search by service classification and pick “Roofer.”.
4. Make sure the company has the proper licenses for your state. If a building authorization is required, make certain that it is included in the agreement.
5. Make certain your roofing professional carries employee’s settlement insurance coverage and basic liability insurance in case of accidents on the job. Demand copies of these policies for your task file.
6. Look for references. Talk with previous consumers, and if possible, take a look at a comparable job that has been finished just recently. You can also examine online for reviews including checking for a rating on the BBB.

If you follow these great tips, you’ll be set to finding a professional and legitimate Houston roofing company like Tom Love Roofing. We offer free roof inspections so let us know when you’re ready to schedule a visit.